Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Slugterra Episode 4 Season 1 - The Slugout

Slugterra Episode 4 Season 1

The Slugout

In this Slugterra episode 4 you can watch how Tthe gang were looking for Frostcrawler slugs. Due to Pronto’s mistake, all the slugs fall and reach velocity. All the slugs transforming at the same time creates an ice hazard. The gang escapes and a Frostcrawler follows Eli. He names it Chiller. When escaping, Eli blaster is destroyed. Kord says that only Red Hook can fix his blaster. So they go to Quiet Lawn Cavern, home of Red Hook. The Cavern is located under a bunch of Grenuker slugs which is a problem for the Cavern people. The Cavern is threatened by Billy, Shorty, and Glasses who are members of the Hooligang, the official employees of Dr. Blakk. Eli defeats Billy in a Trick Shot Competition. Billy only has a Boon Doc slug who doesn’t know what it does. He thinks it useless and releases it but Eli recruits it into his team and names it Doc. Billy seeks Dr. Blakk for Ghoul slugs and returns with vengeance. Mean while, Eli gets a new blaster from Red Hook and faces the Hooligang. In the battle, Eli knows what a Boon Doc slug does. It heals ghoul slugs.

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